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Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen More Efficient

  • Extend your cabinet to the ceiling so that you can store your idli maker or other rarely used utensils in it.
  • We Indian generally have a tendency to make lot of cabinets in our kitchen so that we can stuff whatever we like .This makes a small kitchen feel claustrophobic. Instead use open shelving and storage bars and various hook .Open shelves will always make you keep your kitchen tidy and to keep daily essential items in front of you.
  • Get your oven fitted in reduced space rather than keeping it on your slap.(main counter). Don’t keep your mixer, toaster, and oven on it. This reduces the size of the kitchen. Place these items in your cupboard accept the oven and use it when required.
  • Glass fronts, open shelves and grid hanging systems are popular alternatives which are coming up in India. Wall cup boards and pan drawers are efficient way of storing heavy items on regular base unit.
  • Use all small hanging items on hooks.
  • Hanger for holding pots.There are new designer hanger also which can be hanged from the ceiling.
  • Use glass instead of solid doors fronts on your wall cabinet. Glass fronts give large appearance to your kitchen and make it look larger and brighter as well.
  • A backsplash is constructed out of tile.It is a vertical extension to a counter kitchen which protects the wall from unintended splashes of water.You can get a hook on the extended tile and store more things on it. Backsplash is taking its place in Indian kitchen too.You can store many untapped storage material in it.It’s easily available in Indian market now with affordable prizes.