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Europlak The Truth Of Kitchens

The Truth of Kitchens

It is a universal truth:

There is no other room more favored in a home than the kitchen. Kitchens seem to possess an almost magnetic quality. Perhaps its mysterious ability to draw us into the room can be attributed to mankind’s fascination with fire and the comforting properties of the hearth. Or perhaps we are naturally drawn to the kitchen because we are creatures of our biology, congregating wherever there is the nourishment to sustain us. Certainly, the setting has an ability to relax our spirits, allowing us to shed the weight of the day’s toils and tribulations.

It is arguable that the kitchen should be renamed the living room, since so many of the businesses of life and living are conducted there. Primarily, there are the tasks of cooking, with its prep and cleaning aspects. An although there may be a perfectly good dining room in which to dine in, many people find that most of their meals are taken in the kitchen, seated at a kitchen table, breakfast bar, or at the counter of the kitchen’s island. Here, you pay bills, read the daily newspaper, or leaf through a magazine. Here, your children attend to their homework, stacks of books and school supplies spread across the available surface. Whether enjoying a board game with your family or giving a child an impromptu cooking lesson, your kitchen is the most lived-in room in your home.

The kitchen’s main purpose is that of utility, but its appearance should be far more than utilitarian statement. Your kitchen says a lot about you: the presence or absence of certain appliances or features, the type of food in the refrigerator, the colors, tones and textures that lend to a certain ambience are not accidental occurrences. Your lifestyle dictates these aspects of your kitchen. Your kitchen should be the hallmark of your lifestyle, exuding vitality, warmth, and unique characteristics.