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Casual Status Modular Kitchen

Casual Status Modular Kitchen1 Casual Status Modular Kitchen2 Casual Status Modular Kitchen3

Europlak’s Status kitchen isfor the people who prefer the elegance of distinct, well defined lines in pure and simple forms to create a home of restrained modernity. Status reflect’s the colors combined with stainless steel. Status doors are fitted with 4 side stainless steel finished aluminium T section. These doors can also be combined with G or J profile integrated handles. Available in laminated, lacqured or Acrylic faced doors. The doors are avalable in plywood and chipboard base in unicolor and wooden finishes. Carcase available in water proof plywood and chipboard.

Doors with aluminium edges, and laminates & lacquers in captivating colours. A number of colour options to meet different tastes and respond to most concrete needs.

Europlak’s Status is available in more than 40 color options to suit your style and taste.

Doors Available In :

Laminated Unicolour


Laminated Wooden Finish


Laminated Wooden Finish (Deep Grain)


Lacqured Unicolour


Lacqured Metalic


Lacqured Wooden Colour