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Casual Lucido mm Modular Kitchen

Casual Lucido mm Modular Kitchen1 Casual Lucido mm Modular Kitchen2

Europlak’s Lucido is the top level, high gloss post formed product giving feel of lacquered kitchen. The exceptional features are the result of a careful study to provide the highest performances in daily kitchen work. Europlak’s Lucido mm these kitchen are faced with 20mm thick high gloss HPL doors. The doors are post formed on the top and bottom and edge banded on vertical side. The 3mm radius covered in high gloss HPL laminate with 1mm thickness and provides four side polyurethane glue system; that provides highest resistance to water absorption on the post forming and edged sides of the floor. These kitchens are fitted with framed glass doors.
Europlak Lucido mm doors are available in Red, Blue, Ivory, Orange , Yellow, Grey and Oak finishes.